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• In nursing homes, the percentage of foot problems exceeds the national average by 25%.
• Wound care & foot ulcers demand constant vigilance for nursing home residents.
• 25% of the bones in the human body are located in the feet.

Preventative foot care can increase comfort, improve or maintain mobility and independence, limit the possibility of additional medical problems, reduce the chances of hospitalization, and lessen requirements for other institutional care. TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services’ WOCN Foot Care Certified Practitioners can diagnose and treat 99% of foot problems found in nursing home facilities.

Our examinations, clinical assessments and treatment of calluses, diabetic foot ulcers, nail infections, ingrown toenails, xerosis and many related foot conditions are as comprehensive as those conducted in the doctor’s office.

Administrative support is arranged for all of the scheduling of clinics to keep residents, and therefore facilities, in compliance as well as the handling of all claims filing directly with Medicare, Medicaid and any supplement payers. Clinical protocols for all foot care services are fully compliant with HIPAA, OIG and CMS/Medicare.