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Nurse Practitioner Medical Services

TMCS delivers winning Nurse Practitioner Strategies in Healthcare

TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services (TMCS) provides outsourced medical care services through a credentialed Nurse Practitioner (NP), or equivalent Practitioner, to skilled nursing facilities (SNF), convalescing centers, rehab centers, nursing homes, and other similar institutions. The Practitioners provide routine visits and care and/or episodic visits, as appropriate. TMCS’s services create substantive benefits for these facilities, as well as for their patients. Because the Practitioner’s presence raises the bar for patient care, the company can reduce the rate of re-hospitalization, which in turn strengthens the facilities’ relationships with referring care centers. Since the services are primarily paid for by Medicare and insurance companies (and in some cases private payors), the facilities reap these benefits at no cost to their bottom line.

TMCS has a very unique business model as they bill the insurance companies directly as opposed to the facility.

During any given assignment, the Practitioner may be involved in the following activities:
  • Serve as the primary point of notification for medical management of all the patients in the facility, unless a particular patient’s attending physician declines to participate in the service
  • Act as the point of contact for nursing staff, who are instructed to go to the assigned Practitioner for all patient-related issues for which they might otherwise seek out the attending physician
  • Address medical issues directly while on duty at a facility
  • Perform medically necessary episodic and chronic management visits
  • Triage issues and initiate medical workups
  • Evaluate and treat patients and collaborate with other members of the healthcare team as needed

Benefits to Patients:
TMCS offers an array of benefits to patients, including improved quality of life, physician-complimented, evidence-based care, augmented access to medically necessary visits, stronger continuity of care, and an additional focus on medication management. Benefits to Physicians:
TMCS is able to offer stronger clinical support customized for each physician’s specific practice. TMCS’s high standard of care typically leads to a reduction in calls/faxes from each facility. These benefits are offered without impacting the physician’s ability to bill.

Benefits to the Facility:
TMCS is able to offer many benefits to the facility it serves. Some of these benefits include a reduction in re-hospitalizations, reduction in liability, improved documentation, ability to manage higher acuity, augmented on-call support, and greater patient satisfaction. TMCS systems are also designed to offer regulatory support/corroboration and an enhanced marketing advantage to hospital referral sources. All of these are provided at no cost to the facility, as TMCS bills the payers directly.

Cost Effective:
Evidence abounds that the use of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) in skilled nursing facilities not only improves outcomes, but also improves the facility’s bottom line by treating in-place, decreasing poly-pharmacy, and as an important staff resource. APPs also play an important role in alternative payment models, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and bundled payments.

Scalable Model:
TMCS’s model has been developed so that it is scalable and can be easily replicated nationally and regionally. As the number of available physicians continues to decrease and demand for NPs continues to increase, the services that NPs are able to provide (mandated on a state-by-state basis) have expanded greatly. In many states, NPs can now serve in nearly the same capacity as a physician. This scalability has allowed TMCS to enter into agreements with ACOs, insurers and acute care facilities to act as their Providers, rendering Transitional Care, in addition to the more traditional model that’s been used to provide a reliable clinical care source directly to SNFs.
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