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Features and Benefits

TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services (TMCS) offers complete and comprehensive oral health care, including the identification of residents who need services and the interaction of specific Rx medications that affect oral health. Residents who receive proper oral healthcare experience improved health and quality of life as a direct result.

Our comprehensive services are provided by specially trained Dentists who are assisted by Registered Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists, using the latest portable dental technology and equipment. Our dental staff has extensive experience and training working within long-term care and assisted living facilities.

TMCS can screen all residents to identify oral healthcare needs and to establish follow up exam schedules and preventive treatment plans, thus taking this responsibility off of the facility. TMCS’ affiliated dentist will restore healthy teeth, extract unhealthy teeth, and fit patients for dentures when appropriate and consistent with Medicaid and supplemental insurance requirements and private patient transactions.

TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services provides the administrative support, managing all the scheduling of clinics to keep residents and your facility in compliance. This includes management of all claims, filing directly with Medicaid and any supplemental payers, and maintaining a clinically detailed resident database to capture relevant oral health information and next visit criteria.

There is no additional cost for patient screenings, and clinics are provided at no charge to the facility. TMCS services provide additional savings, reducing the cost of transporting residents to outside facility providers.  

TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services Include:
  • Dental exams
  • Prophylaxis cleanings
  • Portable x-ray
  • Extractions and Fillings
  • New and replacement dentures
  • Denture repairs and realignments
  • Oral cancer screenings

*Please call 252.985.1371 to verify these services are available in your area.